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>Still better than Linux if you "want to know how computers really work"

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Microsoft isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. They've successfully transitioned to the cloud and is the only major cloud provider other than AWS. On top of this, many enterprises and businesses depend on Microsoft. Microsoft offers a full range of cloud services ranging from IaaS (Azure), PaaS (.NET), and SaaS (Office 365, Skype). On top of this, Microsoft still has Windows OS tied to OEMs. Only if Microsoft could dominate consumer online (Bing/Outlook.com) and consumer mobile (Windows Phone). Microsoft isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. Google is a meme, advert company and will never break into enterprise because they're literally too autistic, they can't even do cloud correctly even though arguably they have the best cloud infrastructure for years. Unfortunately, the spergs at Google were too autistic to make any business sense of this, which is why Amazon is killing it in the cloud. In the business world, you need business smarts, only Microsoft and Amazon has this.

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>Windows and MacOS/OSX are the real operating systems
>Stop using linux where its clearly an inferior choice of OS

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>Calling me on my trip choice, of all things
>It's not very effective
Good bye son, have fun with your fag-live.

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>Performance is about the algorithms you write, not the language. Haskell enforces no runtime, so it can be faster than C.

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