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It is slightly bigger and apparently heavier, according to multiple redditors it's not the same but it maybe my only option.

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I need a recommendation for a new mouse. I've been using a CM Storm Spawn for the past 5 years or so, and It's still working just fine, but it's starting to show its age.
I'm very partial to mice with the ridge on the right for your ring finger, all other mice without it feel cramped, no matter how wide (looking at you, deathadder)

So far, the main mice that have been really been filling my criteria are the MM520 and the Razer Naga.
The MM520 looks nice, and the sensor looks good, but seems to be a tad bit iffy on quality and size.
The Naga is Razer, I don't feel like having to RMA the mouse in 6 months.
I do have a claw grip, but my grip has ben starting to relax a bit, so a larger mouse with the same shape would be nice over my Spawn.

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