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If you get offended by him or take him seriously, you are 100% on the spectrum.

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> I sure hope nobody is stupid enough to put a botnet into their brain.
>Well the redditor google chrome+win10 babbies who come here during summers obviously are
>This isn't inspiring phrasing. What happens when the human test subject's brain blows up
>'m looking forward to the day that school starts again
>And no, I am OP.
I gotta go to class. Your life was a mistake, holy fuck. How do you play yourself this hard in your own thread mr."OP"?
Projecting what?
Do tell.

Fuck I gotta go to school. Keep the thread alive. I want all of your booties.

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>they always have evidence or statistics to back it up

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Look at all these tough boys. There is so much testosterone in this thread it's like a full grown ma-.. oh wait that's just me.

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You got exposed hard

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>My 4266 RAM can run 3600

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>better off watching anime for 5yr/20hr per week
Literally a part-time job amount of time of just being a sad sack of shit and chronic disappointment to the patriarchy. Bro, who hurt you? Just move on and stop being such an autistic little man-child.
t. It's time to wake up Mr. Green

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Jokes on you, I have a backlog of manga to last for months.

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Does every job in America forces you into a political movement?

Such a shitty country if you want my honest opinion

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Imagine being so retarded you can't handle using windows.

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iToddlers are fucking hopeless.

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>Didn't read the whole post.
>Too dumb to find a cheap vps with a few hundred gig of storage.

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>With the exception of database software and vectorizable HPC code, AMD's EPYC 7601 ($4200) offers slightly less or slightly better performance than Intel's Xeon 8176 ($8000+). However the real competitor is probably the Xeon 8160, which has 4 (-14%) fewer cores and slightly lower turbo clocks (-100 or -200 MHz). We expect that this CPU will likely offer 15% lower performance, and yet it still costs about $500 more ($4700) than the best EPYC. Of course, everything will depend on the final server system price, but it looks like AMD's new EPYC will put some serious performance-per-dollar pressure on the Intel line.

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>Put some sunglasses on it.
>It'll be cooler.

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>venerable HorribleSubs

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>There are people on this board who are not on pth

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>recommending gamershit

lol rip Hans' pocket money

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>all these plebs talking about VA this, IPS that, muh TN, muh compromises
>not getting the UP3017Q and having literally the best god-tier monitor on the market

Why don't you poorfag plebs get off /g/ and go back to r*ddit or 9gag or whatever slimehole you slithered out of?

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Yeah anon tell us about Nvidia's deal with TSMC, I'm sure you are privy to such information and really know what you're talking about.

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