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I would like to expand on this idea and hear your thoughts on it.

Imagine that some of us (if not most) have a 3 or 4 + year old build and it simply breaks for some reason. Meaning that the machine becomes unsalvageable. Either that, or it's simply not worth the repair.

What are we realistically to do at a time like this? Any worthwhile upgrade that costed 1500$ just a few years ago is not at 3000+ Dollars due to the Silcon shortage. I simply refuse to pay 1500 dolalrs for a machine with an i3 and a GTX1650.

What about crypto currency? Will it die, or what? I don't see a bright future for anyone until governments start banning it.

This is really sad, but I might just stop playing video games until the situation normalizes. Is there any data that supports that the video game industry is suffering from this crisis as well?

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why would you waste your money on stax when you could be getting speakers instead

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that better be arm and hammer boy

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Memeing aside the art is the real reason I used that picture. The content of the book is deplorable, I'll admit that much.

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New to ordering over Ali and I just wanted some pointers before I spend a fuckload of money on shit.

Are scams common? How do you avoid that situation and is it easy to get out of. If i buy a 300$ phone and its one day passed the expected delivery, can they use that to fuck me over or something?

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Already bought one lol, its going to be here on Friday and some steam games are going on it.

Also the goflex is a usb hard drive, don't know why it says its a SSD

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>under load at boiling point

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I didn't want to say jaggies because I unironically like girls

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You did or (you) did?

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I don't want to be the brown menace of the north but it's so tempting

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>bake carrots
>tfw secondhand vaping VG

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So, /g/, what is your favorite Times New Roman Character?

My very favorite one is: 

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Literally 100% accurate
I wish I could love Windows but even without the botnet it's still trash

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>tfw entire custom computer discount doesn't exist
I just wanna spend $1000 and get 100 back

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So instead of paying 200$ for Win 10 and dvd drive, does anyone have a torrent for win 7 or 10 that works so I can use a thumb drive instead. Want to put that money into a better GPU.

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I'm going to live in a dorm for university next fall and I'm guessing the best way to keep playing vidya is to buy a "gaming" laptop. Is there common knowledge on here about which laptops are good and bad? I obviously don't care to buy a memebook pro or any mac related laptops. What is a decent laptop that will be able to play games like csgo and league but won't break the budget?

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Who /first semester of programming/ here? This is harder than I thought it would be. Where's a good place to by pantsu?

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I have a Corsair Vengeance K70 with two missing keys (5 & 6). I'm looking to buy this-
I should be good, right?

I own this SSD but hear it has serious problems-
How fucked am I?

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