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don't care still using anker liberty neos

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Sorry for trying to make conversation on a dying board you brainless retard.

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look i'm not just another one of your cum burping gutter whores, i am a person and i have needs!

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>gets called sexy
>responds with wtf
>there are people more autistic than me

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What are the best, cheap VPS Services?

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>not fapping into own mouth
>not fapping into bowl and injecting cum into self via syringe
>not having a syrian/south east asian orphan girl clean up your cum with a Mister Clean™ Magic Eraser sponge
>not letting your dog lick it up

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>cloudflare and ISP give 4ms
>google gives 30ms
>cloudflare having a slight minimum edge, but 6ms peak
>ISP is constant 4ms

So I need to do nothing. Cool.

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>so what salary range are you looking in
>I have had offers doing less work for 75-80k
>OK, well the best I can probably do for you is 65k
>laugh and hang up phone

I love doing this.

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