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>fucking ...
how are these even called?

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>browsing aliexpress
>looking for a bunch of transistors
>comparing from two sellers
>go to one seller's page to see what their prices are like, doing the per-component math
>decide against them, go back to cart

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This is nothing new. RMS has been saying this shit for years. He's a fucking creep. I agree with a lot, but not all, of what he has to say about computers. That doesn't change the fact he's a fucking weirdo.
>28 June 2003
>The nominee is quoted as saying that if the choice of a sexual partner were protected by the Constitution, "prostitution, adultery, necrophilia, bestiality, possession of child pornography, and even incest and pedophilia" also would be. He is probably mistaken, legally--but that is unfortunate. All of these acts should be legal as long as no one is coerced. They are illegal only because of prejudice and narrowmindedness...[cut off for post length, see link]

>05 June 2006
>Dutch pedophiles have formed a political party to campaign for legalization.
>I am skeptical of the claim that voluntarily pedophilia harms children. The arguments that it causes harm seem to be based on cases which aren't voluntary, which are then stretched by parents who are horrified by the idea that their little baby is maturing.

>04 January 2013
> There is little evidence to justify the widespread assumption that willing participation in pedophilia hurts children.
>Granted, children may not dare say no to an older relative, or may not realize they could say no; in that case, even if they do not overtly object, the relationship may still feel imposed to them. That's not willing participation, it's imposed participation, a different issue.

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Because they aren't interested in it. Better question is, why do you care enough to make this a thread almost everyday? There's even less women in construction, why? Because they aren't interested in it. Who the fuck cares?

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Something is rotten in the state of /g/.

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>malicious JPEG

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>(float ****)
defend this Cniles

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litallery sperging

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>comments disabled

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>stock and T version at the same price
Intel what the fuck?

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it's safe to share, just make sure your music is in folders and you only share those folders. Also don't be a fucking asshole. What's worse than people not sharing anything is people who throttle shares to like 2kb/s. So you still see their results and can queue up their music but you never actually download anything because their queue is 900 files long and going nowhere. So you then have to go through and re-search that stuff and download it from someone else. Holy fucking hell that pisses me off.

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I installed debian 9 on a new laptop purchased by the company i work for (some gaming DELL inspiron with a gtx 1050 and an I7 HQ processor).
when i used to run debian on my old hp laptop,i didnt have any problems with the display,but now i just found out that the hdmi output doesnt work, and i have to install bumblebee because the DELL have a dual graphic card,the nvidia driver made my gnome to crash twice so i wasted hours trying to find the right config for xorg and some other files.
now the company is going to buy two external monitors and a docking station,and i think i'm fucked because even with the displaylink it seems like this shit isnt going to work properly



should i install gentoo instead ?

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I don't usually come to /g/ but I'm at a loss, would really appreciate any help. I'm terrible with computers so use small words my brain can understand.

Anyway I've got a school project where I have to make some bullshit soundtrack in Adobe Audition, and after exporting I wanted to check if I met the file formatting requirements (sample rate, bit rate, etc). I can't seem to see any info on this particular file tho, on other WAV files I can but not this one in particular. What the heck is habbening? Its not like I don't already know the info but its concerning that I can't get it at all in Finder

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>bought a 3t two months ago
did i fuck up or will this one be more expensive anyway?

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White noise to damp the snoring of my mouth breather coworker. He fucken opens his mouth at every chew when he eats something.

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>Fractal Design Define C doesn't exist in white

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>server has transmission client on it
>last night went through my currently airing shows and added all the episodes to get me current
>about 60 episodes of lots of shows and I was at different stages of the shows each
>update my txt file that shows where I was up to
>this morning
>some glitch with the torrents caused the temporary names to not be overwritten
>episodes all named 1~73490edv or whatever
>no idea what episodes are what
>or where I was original with the shows

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I still can't understand that jimm's sold i7-3770k for 329€ back in 2014 and then suddenly they raised the price on that to 399€ or more during 2015


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>turn computer off
>go to bathroom
>brush teeth
>get back to room
>get into bed

>computer turns on

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>tfw it takes long for me to download things than it does to compile them

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>rsync to external on ubuntu
>5 MB/s
>rsync to external on arch
>300 MB/s

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