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What's a good amp+dac combo. seperate units, unless it has analog inputs. Headphones are audeze LCD-2

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>nobody knows
>Recycling companies probably don't even know

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>Naiomi Wu is a Chinese DIY maker and internet personality. As an advocate of women in STEM, transhumanism, open source hardware, and body modification, she attempts to challenge gender and tech stereotypes with a flamboyant public persona, using objectification of her appearance to inspire women.

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>it’s a /g/ takes a tech reviewers opinion over actual engineers episode

Remember how “right” Linus was about the PS5’s SSD architecture and claimed to know more than Sweeney?

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What do I need to know before I can start applying to senior C++ engineer jobs?

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>start learning c
>basics are easy
>array more or less
>cannot grasp really what I am learning from pointers onwards
I am already planning to buy the C language book since it is just better for me to have something physical if I have to learn something, but is there a online/app to learn C which isn't trash for novices? It seems that from a point onwards they just accelerate without reasons and I am lost. Or it is just better to start from another language?

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>Just stick to 4.4.1
why not the latest build

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>top notch cool guy GPU
>uses it for CoD

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>Trump has frequent media blackouts except to press corps that will cover him positively
This, to Alex Jones retards is not facist
>A privately owned media platform bans a lunatic who could hardly remember his childrens names after eating a big bowl of chili
This, is facist

This board is made up of literal geniuses.

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If I have a function that I'm passing enum classes to but all the enums I'm using are basically just a number of the choice the user is making should I have that argument use a template or should I just static cast the enums to an int before passing to the function?

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I can't boot Debian Stable off my Flash Drive
Yes I used Rukus
No I haven't tried turning off secure boot
Yes it's UEFI
Yes it's a shit pad

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So this is only tangentially related to the actual act of pc building but I've finally got all the parts I need to upgrade ready to go. I was wondering what steps should I take to make the transition from one set of hardware to the other as seamless as possible. I know I have to reinstall windows so that's gonna suck.
Currently I have an SSD for my OS and some personal files, and an HDD with vidya, movies, data, etc. So should I just
>copy/paste everything on the SSD to the HDD (except for the OS of course)
>do the hardware swap, unplug HDD
>insert Windows USB, boot PC, wipe SSD and reinstall windows
>copy files from HDD back to SSD
should that be ok?

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Why has nobody made a mouse that actually supports your wrist? Why is this something relegated to specific mouse mats when this just limits your arm movement if you put your weight onto it?

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I hear a lot of hate for the Razer Ornata Keyboard from the Mech keyboard elitists. Is it actually that bad of a keyboard? Is there a better option (preferably without having to piece together my own custom keyboard)?

I'm used to my laptops chiclet keys from using it for years, and the low/mid keycaps on the Ornata seem like they would be comfortable to use for me, especially with the wristwrest.

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Basically looking for a staggered planck

150$ + shipping and customs
>Location (continent at least)
>Preferred switch type
whatever tactile
qwerty but fully programmable
>Form factor
40%/45% staggered, no missing keys
Don't care
>Additional note
I can solder and am willing to do so
Boards I already looked at:
Vortex Core
>missing ? key
>not really programmable
>perfect in every way
>250$ kit
>in price range
>no missing keys
>cool speaker meme
>dumb ortholinear meme

If there is nothing for me, I will probably just build a planck desu. There is a cool key cap set on massdrop right now.

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i5-8600K vs. Ryzen 5 1600X?

What should I go with? And for what reason(s) should I go with your suggestion?

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Whats a good program for easily making GUI mockups? no wireframes, actual gui mockups with designs/etc

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>variant 1 confirmed on AMD CPU that literally nobody used
>variant 1, 2, and 3 on literally every Intel CPU

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>try to pass array to function
>no arrays in fun args

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If you get the touchscreen for the T470p will it be glossy instead of matte? I hate having a matte screen on a laptop because cleaning it is tougher.

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I'm currently looking at using pass as my password manager. I am quite new to using GPG, however, and I'm unsure of the best scheme to use for managing my keys (that is to say, something that is a reasonable mix of being secure and convenient).

Should I create a separate pair of keys specifically for use with pass (that is kept entirely private), and another for use for communications/identification? This seems logical to me given that, should the password manager keys be compromised, your proof of identity/communication keys wouldn't also be compromised.

Next, if I do create a key pair specifically for pass, would it make sense to use non-identifying information for the user/email/comment fields? After all, if an attacker got hold of your pass-specific, private key pair, but it contained identifying information like your real name and email address, could that be used against you somehow, i.e. posing as you in some way, or does it not matter?

And lastly, is there any point in using subkeys if the key pair isn't intended for personal identification/communication? I know you could generate a new set of subkeys and reencrypt your password files, but would it be better to just make a new keypair altogether?

I guess it boils down to if it's worth it to use your main key pair for pass, since that seems to be what a lot of people do. I'm probably overthinking this.

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Why is American culture so anti-exercise?

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>tfw amerifats don't understand what "kilo" means

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