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>diametrically opposed sides are automatically extremes and the truth is somewhere in between

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>the thread

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>being this defensive

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Use a different port then. Fuck the SMTP police.

Use https.

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>mfw I buy last gen flagship cards for less than current midrange and get better performance
980ti for $350 or 1060 6gb? hmm

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>offered a place at kcl
>did an apprenticeship instead
>not even finished it and on a decent £40k

hehe stupid unicucks

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#1 Absolutely not
#2 Can you stop posting for a second and make a decision for yourself for once

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>warm oil goes out, into a radiator to cool
>cool oil goes back in
>This is not difficult to grasp
the technical details are apparently too difficult for you to grasp, so let me explain this in detail

a water loop works because heat is directly transfered to the coolant
the coolant only comes in contact with the surfaces that actually produce heat
it then directly enters the radiator, which transfers that heat into the air and out of the system
all of this takes place at a high flow rate, which results in good heat transfer

an oil tank with a pump+rad in it work differently
since the oil within the tank is most likely not actively circulated heat, will build up in those pesky hotspots(cpu+gpu) before being transfered into the rest of the oil via convection and diffusion
convection and diffusion are the literal rock bottom of heat transfer
no matter how good you cool down the oil that enters the pump+rad, you still don't have proper heat transfer away from the parts that actually matter, because fluid does not actively flow over those areas

you can store a lot of heat because you have a lot of oil, sure
but you still end up having your chips run hot as hell because the heat has to literally crawl away from it, instead of riding a properly circulated water stream that only cools the parts that actually need cooling

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Just use a Truecrypt hidden container.
If you are really worried you can make a backup copy on another drive and mail it to yourself before you leave.
If you are really REALLY worried you could upload the encrypted container to a hosting service and then download it again when you arrive.

It mostly happens on international flights.

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>mfw I got w8 pro for $15 from microshit and now I'm getting W10 pro

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I'll just wait until the last minute to upgrade from 7. By then everything would be compatible and they'd fix some shit.

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mfw 80% of /hpg/ are retards

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It's good when you're plugging it into a computer only to copy files. It also helps to keep viruses out, and to keep crazy friends from deleting your stuff

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exactly, making you literally a faggot.

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for 20k doges i will do nothing
>let the offers flow


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