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Germanchad here. Ever felt the urge to beat someone up?

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any simple shell script to convert shitty quality audio files into FLAC?
we all need to do our part to troll the cringey audiophiles

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They're begging for just 80hrs instead of 100


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And monitoring keyboard is a feature in the Xorg display server.

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Why do Ereaders make bookfags seethe so much? Is it because they can't bring up an argument against it?
Keep polluting the earth by creating more paper

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An 110 inch MicroLED just got announced by Samsung.
It's only a matter of time before they shrink it down to monitor size. Be positive faggot.

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Shut the fuck up nerd.

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>hired by relative despite having no experience
>actual programmer spent a whole day walking me through git setup
>pushing everything to master and breaking the codebase every time
>nobody can be rude to me and they keep saying I took an "interesting approach" to the problem when my code doesn't even compile

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the fucking samsung kikes desabled the "adopted storage" of the Samsung Galaxy J5 so I spent more than 6 months looking for the workaround until I found a peruvian "pajeet" that made a custom rom based on the marshmallow stock with the option enabled and to this day I'm still rocking it with 32+8

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What's wrong with being Hitler?

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>bla bla bla
Meanwhile in the real world, Ryzen sells, Navi doesn't.
Wanna take a guess as to why?

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>and now AMD's implementation is more efficient then Intel's
Except in gaming

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>only available to select # on nightly
>current status: dogfoodable
yes, that sounds lovely
also doesn't fix the issues related to sandboxing, CFI, memory allocator, etc.

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>wintards need to use easter eggs to create a useable operating system

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std::string name;
bool isMale;
bool isWhite;

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>No Macs.
based itoddlers btfo

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>go to the hospital to get my wounds healed
>immeadiately shoot myself in head with a gun after I'm out of the hospital
get fucked lol

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>TFW all normies die and NEET semen is required to repopulate the world

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Don't forget the power consumption

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someone's never used grindr before

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watch out for static electricity

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