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I'm your problem?
Ism stays, then.

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ive had a front end webpage artisan interview where the guy started asking me some CS bullshit that he knows i don't know because i don't have formal education. his face was pic related.
i said that i didn't know and asked why that was relevant for the position. he didn't reply and changed topics.
in the end he said "well i know you don't have any formal education in computer science despite this being an engineering (?) position *heh* but could you at least try this exercise? it's standard for the interview process and i have to ask you to do it [even though ur already fucking out lmaoooo]"

it was making an interactive fizzbuzz with javascript inputs.
"yeah its okay, just try, at least give it a shot okay its fine"
i did it in 0.2 seconds. they called me back offering me a shit salary so i just turned them down, and his superior emailed me asking why i turned it down. "we are even willing to give you a go despite the fact that you dont have a diploma!"

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easy replies

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