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Those are some random-ass games. Some are over a decade old. What the fuck is the point here? No one is going to bother to optimize for older games anyway because it is a waste of resources. No one buys a new cpu to play older games. This metric is retarded and saying "hur dur 3% difference on random is relevant!" is like saying "my car can drive on the moon, my living room, main street, and icy roads, so it is great." It should be comparing likes-to-likes. Hell, some of these are not even pc originals. They are fucking rips and ports. Oh, wow. A card does worse when on a fan-made port that came out 20+ years ago. Great data, shitlock.

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So much stupid today. So many idiots. Go to bed, kids. The grown-ups will sort it out and it will be fine in the morning

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Working as an engineer for startups is fucking terrible

One story:

>Do work for that one startup
>New pitches and demonstrations every other week
>Implement barely working stuff in very short time, they fake and lie to investors all the time
>Most features are basically bash scripts
>Some major feature is not working properly, they ask me to fix it
>Say that you need to do it as a proper application
>"Anon, can you do it in 3 day?"
>"Ehh I think it will be 5, maybe more"
>After 5 days basic work is done, proper integration will probably still need two days
>"Anon, why are you still not done? I thought it's all already working? Sorry, but we don't want you to work for us anymore. We have a new guy that basically works for free and he says he can do it in a few hours"

>a month later
>hear how they still you the broken bash script for that feature and that they have problems getting it to work

What a shitshow. Also of course they want to do everything "agile" with no requirements specification or any defined goal or roadmap. They hire software developers because they can't do it but then tell the SW devs how they should do their work instead of listening to them.

Total chaos and in the end it's the software developers they blame for being incompetent or too slow.

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n-nice camera anon

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It was the first real mathematical thing I could think of that takes real understanding other than "Memorize these geometric proofs"

Obviously, I'm not going to ask about the transitive property or how to find the derivative of some trivial function. Both of those would be super easy to google and have nothing to do with being "good" at math.

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Its not like Linux is used most phones, embedded systems, servers, all over the world, as well as on foreign governments that don't trust the NSA's fuckbuddy Microsoft.

...Wait, it is? Oh...

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1. you need $ in front of include like this: $include.
2. using namespace std is for faggots. define your own and organize your shit.
3. main is like the name says, the main loop. You should not have () after it.
4. Use void main { //code } instead of int main.
5. stop being pleb

also C/C++ is dated old shit. You should convert to D right away: http://dlang.org/

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