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you start doing this

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>tfw your currency lost 40% of its value since the beginning of the year and it's getting worse each day

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Area 51 just flew over my house!

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>blue screened
>1TB back up drive is corrupted
There is nothing left, truely gone.

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>15% IPC overal and 50% AVX2

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So please, if you have any self dignity and like to drink a lot and get pussy and see sunlight, go into MBA.

I guess I'm hedonistic enough to like it and it separates men from boys, but programming isn't sun and rainbows, if you don't want to be code monkey. No matter how much some people say it's "easy", they clearly haven't done a lot on their own or just went through basics and think they can suddenly program, but when given a task they shit themselves, because basics and implementing something that is 3 steps above that basic can already be black magic for some.

It takes a lot of autistic logical creativity to be proficient with programming, let alone being good with C++. Again, if you love yourself, go into something where you interact with people and won't spend your days watching sun go up and down through window.

I'm happy I learned how to program and can use it now, but fuck me, the amount of days I spent inside of room watching sun outside from my room and doubting myself while saying "NO" to my friends asking me out on fridays, saturdays and sundays got to me in certain ways.

I'm extrovert, like to talk about various subjects, politics, finance world, philosophy, joke around, etc.. 95% of people that are into Computer Science are complete incels and robots that you can't even have a conversation with, since they have absolutely no opinions outside their feeling of superiority, because they can do only one thing to cope with their inner suffering from bullying or whatever they went through, and that is programming. And when they don't program they smoke weed and play vidya all day and go out to eat. Fucking disgusting.

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>shits on phoneposters
>doesn't even know how to use "yfw"
>mfw this is real

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Serious question, I learned to make GUIs and think have a normie programming logic, where I can basically build stuff on my own. Might not be the prettiest code or the most optimized.. but don't you as a software eng or web dev basically create GUI with buttons and give them functions and that's it? At it's core, that's basically it isn't it?

I know there's a lot of shit to do in back-end and that that's the tricky part, but that's all you do isn't it? I currently know how to make website and went through CSS/HTML/JS,PHP,AJAX,jQuery, Bootstrap and working with APIs, while also doing shit in C++ and Qt.

However, how the fuck do you find it interesting, it's basically doing same shit all over again with same fundamental concepts, while you create different rules for a given project in your functions/objects. And yes, I know there is more to programming than being web dev/soft eng, but if you want some comfy well paying job, you'll be doing this basically aren't you?

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>Motherboard vendors will have to support 420 amps on the power delivery for the chip (which at 1.3 volts would be 546 watts), and up to 30 amps per core.

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>even steam is shilling wagblows10
Need off this ride.
There's no reason for this necessity.

>willing to go over the rainbow to make games work on linux
>refuses to make chromium work on windows
>adamant that chromium must be used
>literally no other way around it, your steam client must have the pretty pictures

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>yfw it's a custom AMD CPU

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>Java runs everywhere

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>raid 0

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>1.9ghz base
Very good.

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>no arrays

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>2k cpu
>1k waterloop with compressor
>1kw cpu power consumption overcloked + 500w compressor power consumption
1.5kW/h only in the CPU.

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my mother did this

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>1.2kW cpu

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Ok. I will wait Naviā„¢.

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