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Can you guys recommend a good sound/audio equalizer? Maybe something that is FOSS? I know a lot of media players have them built-in, but I want something that is separate and stand alone.

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I feel very retarded, but I tried this mpv-webm script: https://github.com/ekisu/mpv-webm
And it just won't launch, even though I made sure my W key isn't already used by something else.

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Why is Nvidia only releasing an 8GB 3070 now? I was hoping to double up my VRAM for more futureproof. Do I just buy Big Navi?

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>skylake: 1.72 Mxtors/mm2
>renoir: 6.28 Mxtors/mm2
>"AMD has a lower transistor density than Intel"

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Is it possible to build a personal "Stadia" type server? As in, a Windows VM with GPU passthrough, and Steam installed, that streams games via Steam Link or something similar? Is it possible and if so what's the best way to go about it?

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how do you read "fglt"?

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Can we get back comfy Windows 7 Aero in Windows 10?

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Is the Wraith Whatever that comes with the 3700X silent enough? Especially in idle, I don't want to hear it. I don't care on load, as it means I'll have my headphones anyway. I don't care much if it runs 10° hotter than with an aftermarket cooler, I only care about noise.

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>3700X and 3900X behind 2700X

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what is the free command equivalent?

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>mfw I just found the Philipps Hue integration
I'm not sure what to feel.

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Snap 730 or 855? i don't care about gayman on a fucking phone. But if the processing power *really* is better on the 855, then i'll go with the K20 pro

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but that doesn't change the amount of for loops in your code

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Okay but my old phone still has a headphone jack, no notch and works.

Why do I need to buy a new one? Why does every fuck want me to upgrade my phone? It still works fine with everything.
Why do I need to spend $400 on this disposable tech if I'm not in on the circlejerk. It's like buying airpods to show that I'm still a functioning member of society.

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>search for Python on Microsoft Store
>click install

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i think that over extends my knowledge of RAM

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Mid-tier phone with plastic body, amoled, ois/eis and nfc?

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>bumps 4 minutes after last post

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I was thinking of pirating W10 for my new build but maybe it's best to stick with W7 Professional instead?

I know some of the downsides, but are there any upsides to using W10 over W7 other than access to some exclusive titles?

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>slide it

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Okay I guess? Looks like my suspicion was unfounded then.

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It feels like I've seen this thread before

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So why doesn't this license now deny the Trump administration or ICE the ability to use the software?

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