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It provides a static public facing domain name for systems with a dynamic public facing IP.

It's hard to remember an IP address that keeps changing every time the lease renews.

DDNS services provide an easy to remember and cheap domain name that always point to your current public facing IP.

If you're not running a server or hosting anything you probably don't need one.

Keep in mind under some circumstances you don't want the same public facing IP pointing toward your equipment. It's harder to hit a moving target.

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Just use a multi meter on the rubber cement first to make sure it's not conductive.

Might be a good idea to put a test blob on some scrap PCB or components first to see if it's corrosive. It might have some solvents in it but they're going to be gone by the time it cures. Copper and PCB should be fine. Worst case scenario the plastic on the connector starts to melt.

A few rubber/plastic cements actually work by melting the two surfaces you intend to bond together. Don't use one of those, and if you do don't slather it all over the place like barbecue sauce.

Super glue might be your best option and only if you apply it after the connection is made and has good contact. You really don't want the surface of pads/pin covered in it.

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>people still take troll posts seriously
nice lol

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>it's own servers or do they pay monthly for servers
it's probably bof. it is common to pay a monthly fee for a ISP to host your own custom server. this is called "collocation". this faggot "W.T. Snacks" used to host 4chan on some mac minis.

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Hey guys, I tried to compile the VMWare workstation kernel modules on Ubuntu 18.04 but got so many errors I gave up (and it's not about dependencies)
Couldn't find much help on the official forums.
Is there a guide or something for this?

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>from his basement

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Switches routers on top, servers on bottom. Sure in 2011 this site was hosted on minis, but don't be a goddamn retard.

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last one
I don't think I like posting with a tripcode.

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>this thread

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>I take it you claim that zsh has complete compatibility with Bash, then? My apologies, but your statement "you don't script in terminal" will make me doubt the validity of your answer.
please go through your ~/.bash_history and post your last "script" that you done in terminal

I am really interesting in it, but I think you dont even realize WHY you sound absolutely retarded with claims of "scripting in terminal"

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Not anymore.

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