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don't compare us to those bluepilled faggots
/g/ has always been the board that saw through the jew

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>AMD is giving up the gaming market

shill, bait or genuinely retarded

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nice dubs m80

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Wtf is that crap?
144kbps for fullband stero music.
It says so at hydrogenaudip and they acually know their shit,inlike /g/ like >>50564017 just demonstrated

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Don't forget to buy Razer Gaming™ accessories as well!

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>hurr poor
>still using Zimbabwean maritime signaling board

Have fun falling for the mechanical jew

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Razer Tactical Backpack


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I forgot to say Mount and Blade Warband. It has a pretty active modding fanbase and custom campaigns. Then there's Chivalry Medieval Warfare, but I haven't played in a few months. There was a lot of drama about the game being a bit buggy, and the devs abandoning it for the sponsored expansion pack, which they then abandoned to work on the base game. It might still be glitchy and bug-ridden, but it's a pretty good medieval combat swordfighting game.

Where are you getting wealthy and privileged from?

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>But everything good about mac os interface is stolen from either gnome or unity. Look at global menu or their "new" titlebars.


>not knowing about earlier versions Mac OS
>not knowing about System 7, 8, & 9
>not knowing that Xerox made the first GUI
>not knowing Apple bought the rights to it and never put a copy write on it so everyone could use it
>not knowing that generally almost every OS GUI was based off of early Mac OSs
>showing this much hatred towards a company that you believe so much that they can't possibly do any good

You just scream modern PC gamer fag.

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