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>> Why are you using Linux? It's not that practical if you are in MD school, or am I getting it wrong?
I am using it because I'm sick of window's bullshit updates and crashes and ram usage. It's practical of course more so than for a developper. All I need to function is a browser, a pdf reader, a way to write documents(latex). I could probably function with only a smartphone if I tried

>> Do you know other MD students or MD who uses Linux?
Only one, he's a friend of mine from highschool. We both happen to have programming as a hobby of ours but we chose the medecine path because it's the best career path here in the third world and we both got top 50 national wide out of highschool so we could choose whatever

>> Are you European of American?
As I said neither :), I'm tunisian. So I'm very close to french people when it comes to culture and education

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I won't, I can't stand having the same color palette for over a day, I have it change constantly with pywal and then some with other really small sed scripts

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We only use technologies of the future here

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Today I have got t460s, the first thankpad of mine. To be fair I am quite disappointed. I expected much more, the keyboard is backlughted Dutch and it's really shitty compared to my old Aspire E5 chickled one. The screen in other hand is quite well for ips fhd panel. Robust materials, but also quite heavy for an ultrabook. The heating is also an issue, so far I tested just w10 with updated drivers, but it still burns the fk out of it and makes sure you can hear the fan too. The whole computer laughts at me for being meme-following naive cuck.

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good luck with gentoo, it's pretty good from experience. These two distros while both very eccentric, are very different from each other. In a way even though they are both minimal and source based, in gentoo you do all the work and in nixos it just work but admittedly gentoo offers better customisability in the end.
I am no programmer too, i'm in biology but generally with nix the community has been very nice to me and answered all my questions, the gentoomen will also do the same.

What i am getting at is whatever you choose both of these choices are incredible and whatever you pick will be a right choice and you will also learn a lot. These distros might frustrate you at time (especially gentoo) but if you feel helpless at least try asking around the ircs and discords and /fglt/ /sqt/ before giving up.

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draw me a circle

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>Judging users by people using steam
People using linux will all inevitabily realise that games are a waste og time and even if they have one guilty pleasure game they would just use it through wine not steam.
Truth is i am the ultimate normie, i catch on to shit only when it becomes a normie thing and when i tell you linux has become mainstream i'm right

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i use windows 10 and chrome and i like both

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There is literally no compelling reason to upgrade from Win 8.1 to Win 10 at this point in time. Any features in 10 that are lacking in 8.1 are minor at best and collectively do not justify the upgrade.

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Because I actually like how it looks?

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I need to upgrade my CPU and I was thinking about buying a 9700K or 9900K but with this news should I be a waitfag and suffer for another year?

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