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actually you can't use variadic on is_integral, so
template<typename T, typename... Ts>
struct nigger {
static constexpr bool value = nigger<T>::value && nigger<Ts ...>::value;
template<typename T>
struct nigger<T> {
static constexpr bool value = std::is_integral_v<T>;
template<typename... I>
std::enable_if_t<nigger<I ...>::value, std::common_type_t<I...>> sum(I...i)
return (i + ...);

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South America so I'll have to pay import fees
150~250 USD
>Open or closed
>Over-ear or on-ear
Over ear
>Intended use/music
Gaming, music, anime and movies in that order, in the regards of gaming I usually enjoy first person adventures with nice ambience and OSTs, FPS and RTS games, as for music genres I enjoy rock, progressive rock, jazz, ballads and occasional pop, I'm a sucker for vocals but I like some punch to it too.
>Preferred sound profile
I'm not really sure about this one, for reference I've been using my Momentum 2.0 wired for years now which I think fine, I also have my Sony XM3 which I use for going outside and whatnot but they are way too bass heavy and I don't really need to use the ANC at home, also I feel like they sound "weird" without ANC somehow, I want to try open back headphones to see whats all about and to easy up on my ears since closed backs tend to make me feel too tight on my head, overall I'm looking for an upgrade to use pretty much all day long if I need to on my PC at home, also if I should I can also get a DAC/AMP but I would stick to a rather cheap one prob a Fiio e10k or something on that price range (under 100)

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A load of people would be happy to shit on Trannyfox for free. Most of those who do were long term Trannyfox users. Think of it as an act of frustration and rage. It's just a shame it had to end like this.

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AOSP calendar ? Sync with DAVx5

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for me is fdb fans and lithium/ptfe grease

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RM {.,}*.txt

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>a tablet
Tablets are comfy fun posting/youtube devices.

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who needs a cleaner when theres no bloatware on your pc?

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I like it.

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Is there a better browser for Winfags than Brave?
>fast and lightweight
>built in security/adblock
>can autodelete data on exit
>visually pleasing
(winfags dont care about privacy)

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but it's only 11/05 rn

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With all the issues and mistakes they made with the language, library, and docs its not perfect. It works though.
Python is comfy.

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Alot of misinformation goes a long way online, google has no correct information on me besides what youtube videos I play not necessarily watch. Not meaning I escaped the botnet, I have not but why make it easy.
tfw google thinks you're a boomer

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Debian + Xfce is such a comfy and warm experience that they put me to sleep because there's nothing broken to fix. Instead of wasting hours re-configuring or re-installing or even downgrading my system or a certain package, or random upgrades when I don't want them, I just focus on work, watching anime, playing games, etc. I'm so comfy right now I couldn't care less about the old packages joke/thing. Nothing beats this feeling of having no worries and no sleepless nights afraid of what might happen when I log in again. Sleep tight friends

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Is good.

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So I uploaded my first reverse shell on htb, but I can't read user.txt because I dont have permission even though I have user creds. How do I up my permissions in a linux box? help

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Stay comfy, anon.

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I don't know Java really but it looks comfy. I'd say python, not the best choice but its all I know well enough to recommend. That's why its comfy to me.

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I put this picture as my bg as a placeholder day 1 and just never changed it

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Tfw typing on vintage blacks

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>work at billion $$ company
>development over years has shifted
>fire significant amount of american based medium tier developers
>replace them with lots of "offshore" indian developers
>offshore resource is about 25-30% of an american
>replace each medium tier developer with team of 3-4 offshore resources
>new teams pump out crazy amount of code
>code is all spaghetti, horrible in maintainability
>have entry level coders clean up offshore team messes so it will actually build
>push code through sonarqube, forify, and other automation scans for quality
>sr devs/directors sign off without checking code

in the past 3 years that ive been with this company, ive watched mbo's for % of offshore development go from 25%, to 40%, to 50% this past year. is this how it is in every company? i wouldnt mind it that much if we were an international company, but 95% of the revenue comes from US citizens, and a significant amount from the public sector

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Tfw typing on vintage blacks

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Tfw typing on box reds

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