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Pretty accurate

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Iphone 5 or 5s. They’re the same and the only smertphones I’ve ever owned. I was kind’ve late to the smartphone game.

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I guess

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I recently put together a pc with a tomahawk b350 and my mic refuses to work unless I turn the mic's gain all the way up, which causes it to be loud for a second before dropping it's volume to zero.
My headphones work as intended, but could it be that the mic not getting enough power?

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If I'm looking for pure silence, would an AIO cooler be a better option than getting something like a 212? As much as I like the looks of the stock cooler that ryzen came with it's loud/hot as fuck under load

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>he's making you do an *UNPAID* internship
>He received tons of emails offering to do it for money. He shot them all down for me.

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Redmi Note 3 Pro > Redmi Note 3 > Redmi 3S > Redmi 3 Pro > Redmi 3

RN3P benchmarks twice as high or better than all the 5in Redmi.

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we robots now

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haha i renember dis one xD

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I believe in you, mang.

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