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am I too late for the screencap?

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I was going to buy a new normie computer, but I just couldn't. My thinkpad autism made me rethink my decisions, and now I don't know what I want.

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Come on replies

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Honestly you make a good point with this one and it's probably more because the CoC change wasn't really that extreme.
Like it or not programmers that yell at each other for fun have started to be the minority and major repositories are beginning to change to reflect that

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I'm still using Kawaii Codec Pack

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can i use a screen record app while having the camera on rather than just record video with the camera? u know what i mean? does it use more stuff like uknow electricity and shit?

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they dont?

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I thought "Do the needful" is a meme but I've seen it today in an email.
So anyways what are the tips for when you're looking for a new tech company job.

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>there should be sex initiatives

who would want that hahahahaha orgy porgy

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>delete location history
>disable location on phone
>turn it on months later
>the "deleted" history shows up again

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Probably like the smell of wet blacktop after it rains haha wouldn't it be weird if she still had dirty soles and she forced you to lick them clean what an odd situation that would be

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This is niche as fuck but, is it possible to set up a messenger app to read out incoming messages in morse code and use one of those sounds that older people can't hear.

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