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You shouldn't be using Steam or paying for digital distribution to begin with. PC gamers should have said "no" to Steam and digital distribution. The industry intentionally sabotaged physical copies with DRM to trick people into paying for digital. Valve paid developers to make it so their physical versions were Steam codes and not actual physical copies to get people to install Steam. It should be either buy a physical copy or pirate.
Proton gives developers yet another reason not to develop games natively for Linux.

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he is a literal kike, look at those nose, that popularized and normalized paying for a fucking download and tried as hard as possible to get rid of digital distribution, and used literal brainwashing to do it
I want him to die a horrible death but I know when he does his legion of brainwashed drones will be spewing
>he was so influential!
He has done damage to Linux if anything, all Proton does is give developers yet another reason to not develop their games natively for Linux.
His company has done more damage to gaming than any other company. Die Valve drone
Based. unfortunately you can't criticize that fat kike for all the damage he is done without getting called a chink even if all the criticisms apply to all other (((digital distributors))). I started pirating because of Steam
Proton just gives developers yet another reason not to developer natively for Linux

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