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>Nothing you've said approximates in any capacity to an argument
It's not meant as an argument but a reflection of reality - fact.
>appeal to nature fallacy
Nature doesn't give a fuck about your social constructs. Laws of Nature don't include nor depend on your butthurt ideals and philosophies. Laws of physics or biology won't change because of a dumbshit human philosophizing a change.

>If you abide by such rules, then you should have no problem having a pack of brown, white, or any variant of niggers coming into your house and taking your property, as long as they overpower you or outsmart you, it's fair game, they've earned it cuz it's nature.
Correct. I would have no problem.
Which brings us back to reality: It doesn't happen and won't happen because you are afraid of whites who still retain even a tiny bit of that ancestral potential of wrecking your shit like the ancestral whites did, and the same goes for Asians wrecking your nigger shit as they did in the West Coast on a particular event, as will any other race and group down to Muslim Semite groups who still wreck your shit today.

>You either believe that theft is nigger behavior or you don't
Theft is natural behavior. How the stolen resources are utilized however is the distinction between niggers and all other races.
A nigger steals a brick and he uses it to bash other niggers.
Any other race steals a brick and they decide to amass more to build a furnace and then tools and then infrastructure and then advanced weapons to wage war with while the nigger begs the Heavens and Hell that he won't be swept in the hurricane.
The only reason niggers are able to do anything is ironically because whites give them the assurance, leftists mainly. Without those assurances and protection the nigger would be quiet like a tiny lamb, because pic related ensues.

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Speak for yourself cabron, this is Latino-land and we hate niggers more than whites do.

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Latinos are more qualified indeed, blacks aren't though. We need more Latinos to genocide the blacks.

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ITT: Westcuck soyboy libturds realize they are the only ones who give a single fuck about racial discrimination, while the rest of the world doesn't.

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