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no one thinks like that, anywhere.
75% of everything you see online is marketing shills.
what you 2 need to realize is that the OP is a marketing shill. marketers want to install fear and anxiety in you in order to get you to buy their useless shit.
what you have to realize is that you cannot trust anything you see online, it is so corrupted and fucked by paid shills of every single faction from neonazis to SJWs to apple to disney that nothing is true and nothing is reliable.
you can only trust yourself and your own opinions, and the opinions of a small circle of trusted IRL friends.

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last time i checked the steam hardware survey, AMD had gained ~2% marketshare in the last 6 months. considering the install base is like 170million or something that equates to 3.4 million units sold in 6 months for steam only. also consider the shear number of chink fucks joining steam that have ancient intel cpus, and i would probably double the number to 6.8 million. i think thats pretty solid for device that most people replace maybe once every 5 years, if that. i think they are doing good, and i think that zen 3 will make their marketshare double.

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