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Hello anons.
In regard to recent news today I want to have a more serious discussion regarding the 23-year-old vulnerability found within x86 architecture regarding 'memory leaks' and how this will affect our future investments as consumers towards any CPU from anyone. This is meant to be neutral towards both AMD and Intel.
With that in mind, here are the facts we generally know.
>Linux discussion forums discuss recent moves to patch security flaws
>somebody sniffs this out and posts to the register
>more information arises as x86 architecture is said to be affected for ARM, AMD, and Intel as said by Google's project zero team
>Intel writes a letter for their investors ensuring the lack of severity of the issue and how it will be dealt with
>AMD severely downplays any flaws in security stating for the most part that their CPU's are unaffected
>5-30% cuts in performance for current products are announced regarding the upcoming patches for Windows and Linux kernels.
>Linus writes a letter about Intel suggesting two different results of this latest news release

What is not known (at least to me)
>how much this really impacts data centers, home computing, Commercial infrastructure, and government security worldwide.
>how exactly AMD and ARM is affected by this security flaw and how severe it is for Ryzen/Ryzen2
>What will be done in the future to physically stop this security issue without sacrificing incredible amounts of performance compared to previous generations before the upcoming "patch"

Anyone with a background in computer engineering or advanced knowledge in Operating Systems would be appreciated for input.
I want a little more /sci/ tier brain cell count on this board.

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