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> those flagged videos will most certainly be available again once the reviewing process is done
If you think random re-uploads of other content will be able to be verified and thus made available again you misunderstand why pornhub removed them.

>you would rather see me panicking like a rat of a sinking ship claiming how it's the end of the internet blah blah blah
No, I would rather you acknowledge that this very real proposed bill has very clear and explicit laws that would fundamentally alter things. I never said this was the end of the internet as we know it either dumb dumb.

>hentai sites
I didn't bring up hentai you halfwit.

>community decency act (which will not be removed as that would be a rights violation) and the first amendment
The patriot act is a rights violation and is against the constitution, and yet it was implemented and enforced all the same. I could point to many other American laws that similarly are violations of rights. This is fallacious reasoning, with clear precedent to show why it is wrong.

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shit bait

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But cars aren't slower and more broken than horses?

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Enjoy your crayons anon

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>non-government entity

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Why would I be coping? If I wanted to use another language, there is next to nothing stopping me. I could switch to anything at any time if I cared. I'm not beholden to any existing codebase that needs maintaining.

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Throwing out random examples doesn't prove my point invalid. There is more French influence alone in English than old English. Latin as well. If you look at vocabulary alone, Modern English is no doubt a romance language.
weak bait

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>3.5mm 4 band

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>supporting the botnet

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>upgrading to a newer OS to support an older printer that win7 can't even support

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how do you think i know it failed to build if i didnt call make? if you want to be retarded then be somewhere else

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Why does this whole thread support buying Redmi Note 5, even if it's not supported for MIUI 10?

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3D/Unreal? C++
2D/Unity C#
Godot C++ or C#
Homosexual? Java/Python/Lisp
Got something to prove? Brainfuck/Assembly

How the fuck are we supposed to give you advice if you don't tell us what you want to do? Fuck off tell you tell us what kind of game you want to make.

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> calc 2
> not linear algebra
As much fun as I had with calc 2 it's uses in CS a very limited. If anything you should tell him to go after prob & stats / linear algebra over calculus. But it's clear you don't know anything and just wanted to feel smart giving bad advice didn't you?

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it uses less energy in 8 hours than an oven uses in half an hour

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granny just has to go to the fucking website. She doesnt want to go to the website then install your fucking app.

Gr8 B8 M8

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th900 oof

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