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- shit performance
- same price as gtx 1060
- shit dx 12 performance
- even worse dx11 performance
- no drivers
- house fire
- nitro edition leafblower cooler
- company managed by indians who don't poo in loo

>GTX 1060
- premium components
- premium dx11 and dx12 performance
- oustanding drivers
- supported by all games
- gameworks and additional perks
- same price as RX480
- geforce experience
- physx software
- company based in the US

I think the choice is pretty clear here OP, Nvidia is the winner unless you have a designated shitting street.

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>link makes a new window for some reason
>go to close the new window
>the window is slightly smaller than the window you were on originally
>close the original window instead of the new one

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>ill be leave the download link below
>it doesn't work.

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>be me, have internship in IT doing IT stuff
>graduate in 2013
>get shitty service desk job because I'm shit
>work in said service desk for a while
>leave getting another service desk job less shit and pays better, .like $19/hr
>getting bored at job already think about leaving
>apply for jobs just because
>get a call do phone interview few days later
>talk about my stuff whatever
>job is level 3 desktop support at some companys office near me, big company that does manufacturing in multiple countries
>job is desktop support for big wigs some shit, level 3 help desk service desk bitches hand off to me via tickets
>guy says its salaried, welp
>asks me what I think is good
>go average say $45-50k
>guys says
>well anon that's a bit high, maybe if you have more experience in a few years

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>same system specs as OP
>bought a sapphire 390
>more vram for mods
>no problems whatsoever
>yfw 3.5 jive

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>You have just become like a dumb consoletard who purchases hardware based on the promise of future possible performance if things go your way.
>Till then I'll be waiting for Pascal and Fury gen 2 in q1 2016 for 14nm that will BTFO of everything right now.

>the promise of future possible performance
>that will BTFO of everything right now

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>order a BT module from China
>tracking number says the package was delivered in ireland while I live in portugal


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I think I made a mistake by building a gaming PC since there are literally no games to play. What do you guys use your GPUs other than gaming?

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