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>Why is it your second one?
It's honestly ridiculous but I slammed a fidget spinner on it trying to spin it really hard when fidget spinners where a thing, I was holding it on top of the kb, slapped it as hard as I could and it slipped off my hand and hit the keyboard breaking a couple keys, so now I have a second set of keys in case I need them I guess.

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I use vintage audio technology all before 1988.

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Measuring loudspeaker room response in my echo chamber living room and and doing channel specific corrections in the listening sweet spot. This is a setup for a ronery audiophile. Off axis performance is poor because of narrow dispersion and the modes are rather severe. Can't fit another sub here either.

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Pay* attention, not play attention.

That purchase advice was mean to >>56360095. Sorry >>56360489, don't really have many models in mind for you. That cheap SMSL might do the job already but I'd look for lowest end integrated amplifiers from brands like Yamaha or Marantz.

I need to sleep.

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I just don't really want to engage with AMD at this point

Currently I'm using a GTX 660 and will probably upgrade to a 1060 some time soon, I think that will cover my 1080p 60fps needs for the foreseeable future and cost me about 300 shekels which I feel is a reasonable price and within my budget

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>mfw I bought a 280x 1 year ago
>mfw there is already a 380 AND a 480
>mfw at this rate I will never buy a GPU again because they will release a new one every 6 months
Still happy with my purchase, max outs everything I throw at it and it was 230 bucks, pretty hot and loud but whatever, I would buy it again.

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Now that the feds basically own 1/4 of Tor exit nodes, what's a more secure way to access the deep web?

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This. Still happy with my 970 purchase, tho.

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Is there anyway to get a transparent, but blurred background for Foobar? I know next to nothing about it.

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