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Shouldn't be anymore.
I know they were once subsidized by Google before Chromium and Chrome subsequently materialized, which was the start of Mozilla losing its personality and philosophy thereby plunging it into a pit of shit that gets deeper every year.
But surely Google is not wasting their money anymore on them right?

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>>rondo duo
Sounds fishy.
Which one?

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Are ua girl at least?

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>SJWs ruin tech companies

Mozilla was ruined by being sponsored by Google, not by SJWs.
When it was sponsored by Google, while the aforementioned was developing Chrome, along with the sponsorship came an influx of Google philosophy.
Once a contradicting philosophy contaminates and corrupts your development team, the only two ways to deal with it is to purge it or adopt it.
They wouldn't purge it because, google sponsorship.
So they turned into Chrome.

>It's Over - Mozilla is Finished
So long as lazy loading works as it should on Fireshit, it will still be preferable to Chrome.
The fact that the devs on Chrome said it is too bothersome to implement lazy loading, and then when they implemented it and it still doesn't work for shit,
says enough.
Even the fucking addons that enable lazy loading of tabs don't fucking function in terms of the session managers on Chrome.
The moment you load over 100 tabs in 1 window session, Chrome shits itself and so does the computer.

Meanwhile on Firefox, even with 500 tabs in one session, the tabs all load as an inactive cache waiting for you to click on the tab to load the content. The computer and the browser is fine.

Fuck Chrome, and fuck Mozilla for trying to be Chrome.
They might as well remove lazy loading, the only good thing left on Mozilla, to finally make everyone move onto the Mozilla adaptations that aren't trying to be Chrome but follow the original philosophy of Mozilla.

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The fuck are you talking about you retard?
You just sit your fat lazy ass on a fucking chair and type on a keyboard.
You don't even need any special fucking laboratories, any facilities, you don't even need any fucking academia.
All you need is a fucking computer and the Internet, the rest is just downloading e-books on math and programming and looking through other people's code in order to learn.

It's the laziest job on this fucking planet. The only hard part about it is whether you find memorizing code and playing with it as a boring task or not.

You don't even have any fucking dangers with the job, and you can do it without having to develop any social skills whatsoever because you are a basement worker.

It's the lowest common denominator in STEM,
and that's why it's the only field in STEM that has femnazis and SJWs pissing and shitting in it.
It's the reason that when the whole retardation with women in tech and affirmative action is being talked about,
the go-to field that's used is programming. You ain't gonna see any other STEM field because they require more than sitting your ass on a chair.

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Uh...did you try opening it in a new tab?

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>go on vacation
>return, services can't be accessed from outside my network
>check firewall, settings are fine
>check router
>forwarding option gone

What the fuck.

My goddamn ISP changed the firmware remotely while I was gone or what?

I live alone so no one could've touched anything.

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So /g/, my PS3 has been freezing up at boot up (freezes on the wavy screen after/before PS3 logo appears).

I've tried all the options in the safe mode except the "restore PS3" cause i dont want to lose my game saves.

Is it possible to use a live cd and looking for my games saves? (removing the hdd and connecting it to my pc)

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>doesn't know what qed is

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what is this, /b/?
enjoy this PNG.

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>should of

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>created tablets out of thin air


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>check ebay
>search hp touchpad
>see hundreds of touchpads added today to auction list
>there selling for 200+

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So that's it? New mouse, I'm totally fucked?

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i have a minor problem here. an idiot of a friend of mine deleted something from his computer. made the hard-disc to driveletter(?) "x:" (corrupted/fail-safe?) and it wont boot anymore, any idea how to fix this? if you need more info please let me know.
Thanks for all help.
it is a win7 64-bit.

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What is even happening in this.

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>71 Degrees
>not 89 Degrees

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so if it's a vent setting why did this not happen with my old headset?

and if it is vent which setting is it?

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>mfw you ordered that side-panel window just so your case would look more 1337

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ok dumbass question

switch vs router


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>on a reference, carrier-untouched Samsung handset no less
>locked down

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