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it's the white people's fault for settling in Canada and America in the first place. They should've stayed in Europe and Russia

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Rewriting a backend I made from callbacks to async/await and the new ECMA6 standard.

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I was just letting you know how stupid you sound.

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When given a choice, a Republican will always sell you out to big business.

Never forget this.

They'll make excuses, they'll tell you it's part of progress and they'll tell you it creates jobs and helps business etc. but at the end of the day the only person Trump cares about and wants to help is himself and his cronies.

Don't take my word for it.

Watch what develops and learn from it.

If you voted for him believing anything else then you fell for a greasy car salesman.

Also I think most people voted for them over the demotards because they just flat out didn't like Hillary. Literally anyone else in the democratic party could have beaten trump.

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Failing distro tries to meme itself into popularity. Sad!

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But who's the most powerful?
Say bye to your h1b pajeet

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I dont give fuck man xD
I just need a help and you and other friends should help me
this is my mother phone she dont need new this one was good but now is "iPhone is discabled.."

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>the "Trump is pro privacy and net neutrality" meme is still being shilled on your favorite technology board

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You're a fun guy, I've decided I like you and we should be friends. Close friends. Close like in the butt.
Nah, no deal.

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>somebody was so bootyblasted they created this image

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