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Ugly syntax, especially arrays, and using $ for vars is shit
The developers are some of the worst cunts i've ever witnessed, just go read the forums
You need to learn jewish to understand error messages
Segfault on deep recursion
References are absolute garbage
Inconsisteng naming scheme for functions
Sorting functions operate in place for some fucking reason
The only language on the planet to use ternary left associativity, not allowing you to chain statements.
Date handling functions are fucking retarded; seriosuly, try using built in functions to operate on months and weeks.
Hamfisted OOP for no fucking reason bloating the already abyssymal codebase instead of making a new project
Ignoring security issues due to "lmao git gud @ coding"

It sits in the shitty spot of "I'm letting you do dumb shit like low level languages but you get no high level features of modern languages"

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I unironically expect them to require the user to remove the cooler and apply decent thermal paste to it to stop them thermal throttling constantly.

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Stop being retarded on purpose. Never forgiving amd HEAVILY implies that you're going intel since you literally have no other choice of company in the modern desktop market. Also;
>So you're willfully going to be memed a second time
That heavily implies that I'm agreeing with you that bulldozer was a meme, which it was. It was dogshit and I'm glad I had the sense not to buy one and go haswell.
As usual >>71385891 fpbp

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This will haunt adored forever, won't it?

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>tryibg to gaming in chromebook
Gtfo normie

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