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who the fuck still plays wow?

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>1. go to X and make a free account

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So Jensen definitely gimped supplies specifically to hype these new ones right?

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>makes an actual, honest to god coffee thread
>the picture isn't even suggestive

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Came here to post this

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why does it throttle so much when the resulting temps are only in the 40s? they could be 15C higher and it would be par for the course.
This is still unacceptable, of course.
Does anyone re-paste their macbooks?

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So people's argument for jQuery is that it's "le comfy" and obsolete browser support.
Just wonderful.

The only sane reason for using jQuery is if you are using Bootstrap v4 or something else that already comes with jQuery.

>nobody knows how it works
Not everyone is as dumb as you, anon

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>proving anon's analysis

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more like
>making a website
>implementing non-free JavaScript
Unfortunately, the code-monkeys just can't make websites usable without JavaShit. So alas, most sites I visit are whitelisted.

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that's a far cry from "pretty good"
it's not something to be ridiculed but it has nothing worth praise either besides the fact that this person has stuck around long enough to move away from stickmen standing on horizontal line with a circle and some lines sticking out of it overhead with something vaguelly resmebling a tree somewhere to the side
we tend to call it "bland"
the perception of "pretty good" doesn't come from their respective aptitute, but your own ineptitude

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Can software be open-source (not talking about free) but in a way that protects the intellectual property of the owner i.e. copy protection?
So like the code is visible to be audited and can be verified by another open source tool to compile and spit out a hash to confirm with binary that it is real source BUT it cannot be copied or pirated? Or maybe the code is open to FOSS auto-audit tools and confirms no undesireable code (or displays it when found), but at no point does the end user see the code? This goes against FOSS, which i am a fan of, but i thought this would be a good way for commercial developers to prove their proprietary software isn't a botnet, without opening themselves to piracy and theft of intellectual property. Also another good idea would be that for the tool to work the licence would have to state the project being tested is proprietary and was never open source - so that open source programs don't pack shop, only proprietary programs are changed to meet these "pro-consumer" guidelines

What do you guys think of this idea?

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>he doesn't start window niggermadly

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I also do drugs. Boo fucking hoo how I like to abuse my shittly evolved brain for self pleasure.
At least I don't pay monetary units or objects of value to consume porn like a retarded drug addict would with drugs.

Stay a monk until you die while I enjoy self pleasure, sex and compounds that fake my brain into making me feel good. It won't matter once we both are dead.

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>tfw Linus will die in your life time

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We have C and C++ but where's C+?

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I knew this was coming.
But not so soon.

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>Here to shill for Haiku OS
>baby's first non-windows non-linux non-macos operating system

Can someone tell me WHY do we even have threads like this?
Isn't reddit the place for tech illiterate faggots?

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Yeah other people’s invested time is worthless even through I consume the product of that investment

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>Uses GNOME classic mode by default with extensions installed for Unity esque title bars and dock

>Turns out not being much of a difference anyways and /g/ overplayed the effects again
>Because let's be honest Ubuntu Phone was never gonna work

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Use <li> inside a <ul> with the li style set to display:inline

Don't ask me how I know that. You're welcome

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>theyre usually close enough in price that there's no reason to get slower RAM

but if theyre close enough in performance why is there any reason to buy more expensive RAM?

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No one ever calls me. Why bother?

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