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get a redmi note 7
unlock bootloader, install LineageOS/PixelExperience/crDroid ROM or whatever
install magisk for root
install https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.co.pricealert.apps2sd
do what you like to do: bind pairs of folders, move apps to sd card, move only some settings folder, etc
problem solved.
pro tip: you'll need a couple of magisk modules to use bank apps and to copy 2FA tokens from FreeOTP+ or whatever to your pc via kdeconnect.
yes, in 2020 copypasting and sd cards need root to work with their basic functionalities.

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>you lazy if you can't work from home.
Not only that, how many people actually work 8 hours straight at the office? Fucking nobody, people goof off, they sit around chit-chatting, they take a million coffee breaks, they "step out to grab a snack" and come back a half-hour later, browse Reddit because they're bored out of their minds and need some kind of mental stimulation. But because they're trapped in a physical location, it's considered acceptable and billable work hours.
I took a nap the other day while WFH and woke up super refreshed and ready to continue working. Imagine being able to just take a quick nap whenever you need to recharge, instead of ingesting gallons of stimulants in a futile attempt to trick your body into performing at a high capacity when it's physically incapable of doing so?

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god just imagine listening to canyon.mid on that machine

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idk op throw it around or something. My mouse kept doing that and threw it around a bunch of time and it fixed itself.
You're welcome btw.

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>when you listen to a decade old mp3 after not listening to it in years

Like fine wine.

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now THIS is soul.

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literally this

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yeah seriously like its fucking great seeing that going from disgusting to pristine

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yeah dude i have m50x and a schiitstack,fucking great

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This is the only correct answer.

That paired with an X-ACTO KS.


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>tfw you got a 1070 at msrp right before prices shot up

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>have CNS Kvarnsjo deer leather strap
>rub it down with Lexol

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const documentLoaded = <T = void> (x?: T) => {
if (document.readyState !== "loading") {
return Promise.resolve(x);
return new Promise<T>((resolve) => {
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", () => {
}, {once: true});

.then((response) => response.text())
.then((text) => {
document.body.insertAdjacentHTML("beforeend", text);

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>no keyboard bezel

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>professional economists warn /biz/ about tulip mania
>tards ignore the warning, "lol, you're just trying to get it for yourself"
>/g/ warns /biz/
>/biz/ doesn't listen
>GPU prices skyrocket (even though GPU is inefficient as shit)

>the bubble begins to pop
>/biz/ loses their shit
>it begins to rain blood
>the pope prays for the sinners
>/g/ shouts with joy
>cryptomemes are abandoned
>GPU prices go down
>the jews gas themselves
>a new renaissance is born out of the ashes
>Christs second coming happens
It feels so fucking good senpai.

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>yfw the silicon jew is destroying itself

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keep in mind you can still have things you stand for, but you do it under the table. The greatest threat to business is moral grandstanding.
For example, i'm pro-life and all that shit, but if a customer comes and talks to me about that or i'm asked for my opinion on the topic, i go for the right answer: "You do you."
Remember: in interviews talk like a politician, be full of shit and never really say anything or stand for anything. Unless you want to pay with your money and/or your life, don't stand for anything publically.

Although, sometimes public outrage is a great way to get attention and sell merch, in which case bull-shit your way into the presedency (like Trump).

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Looks like that finally did it. Have you updated the pastebin yet? I want to spread the news.

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>Romance languages do have a neuter form, but usually it's reserved for inanimate objects.
>yfw to solve the pronoun problem result to objectifying people

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