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I started a year or so ago fucking around with a simulator, after a few months and seeing I wasn't shitting the bed and losing money I just started with 10k. I juggled around some stocks and just expecting to sell everything in a month just to make a small profit I got into AMD stocks.
It's not that hard and as long as you are not putting everything you own into these "bets" you'll be fine and make some extra cash.

try robinhood or any of the sites that let you open a small account.

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Being born and raised on a poor country of Eastern Europe, I was taught since the elementary school to respect the property of others, even if it is Intelectual Property. My school was too poor that I was able to teach students about computers only in highschool.

The explanation was that it is important because the economy these days is based on services rather than primary/ secondary sectors and it is enriching the developed countries more and more.

So the conclusion was: "We (from EE) are poor because of these immoral people that pirates everything (music, movies, software, books) and we should feel guilty about it (immoral people can't become rich because of some guilt subconciously don't letting us become rich), while the wealthy countries are rich and their people is wealthy because of the morality, because they pay respect for the work of their developers/ artists/ publishers... As a bonus their media is cheaper and more accessible to the poor"

So I became curious and with internet and money to travel around the world in the summer we can at least discover a little bit about other people. So I'm surprised that most warez websites are hosted on the rich countries. Why do you motherfuckers are pirating if your shit is cheaper to afford than here? I mean not all EE countries are too fucked, some of them have at least cheap and fast internet services but when it comes to products, MEDIA, it's so fucking expensive compared to the Westerners.

Sorry if I'm looking a bit jealous but whatever. Why do you pirate, man?

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