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They could just get roommates, stop paying $60 a month on unlimited internet for their $800 phones, and generally live within their means. In any case if they do die off en masse then burger flipping will become more valuable due to a decrease in supply. Problem solved.

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>southern hemisphere winter
>it's supposed to be cold here

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>tfw still using a 4850 and a shitty old dual core

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looks about as memey and shitty as second life

I'll wait for a real VR revolution before I delve that deep into escapism desu

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Why don't you guys just use transmission? Comes pre installed, does what it has to. Why use anything else? Serious question

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Do you actually enjoy tiny, low resolution, shit quality laptop screen?
Resting your hands on the mini heater and typing on a cheap chink keyboard instead of typing on a good one?
Laptops were a novelty, many converted to laptops but once you go back to a desktop like setup there's a low chance that you would find working on a laptop a pleasant experience again.
I, myself, am using a laptop but it's connected to a 1440p screen and a keyboard/mouse, so essentially it's a desktop setup, not all is about performance or portability.

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I want a career that involves programming, but I don't want to work for any faggot tech giants. What do?

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