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special snowflakes demand the best.

who would've thought that bulldozer did nothing wrong and delivered back then and still delivers now, yet your kike bridge is getting crippled by the day from all those security holes and people are like
> sandy bridge appreciation thread
fucking wiggers.

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I am about to place an order on the kz as06 and I have to ask a couple of questions.
first of, I listen to metal, my amp(guitar) settings when playing thrash metal are
Bass: 6
Mid: 7
Treble: 4
values between 0-10
1: do you think that the as06 will be a good choice? any alternative in that price range?
2: do I need to get an cable (including mic ofc)
3: I want to have total isolation from the surrounding noise. what eartips to get? foam?

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me too, feels good men. slow and stady winns the race.
t. millennial

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My friend and I just made this simple rss reader.
inb4: its actually free, ignore the subscription part ill need to update it. We just want people using it .

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Aight so I've been kinda bashing my head against this for like a couple weeks now and need a little bit of help with my Arch setup. I've been using i3 and I really like the way it controls, but it seems like there's a ton of stuff that doesn't just come with it that I had to setup myself. This was fine, I just copied some config files and called it a day.
However, I've recently run into a spot of annoyance where my wifi works selectively. Some days it turns on automatically when I turn on my machine, and some other days it won't and wpa supplicant just doesn't initialize? I have to go into the command line and look at all my past commands to turn it back on. I'm not really sure what's the deal here since I'm fairly certain I removed all of my old configs and took the couple minutes to setup wpa. What could I have fucked up? Should I just ditch it for a different network manager? Or is it somehow related to i3 and I should just use a DE (even though I really like how i3 controls)? Really stranded at the moment fellas.

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>see cool rice setups
>install i3-gaps and various other programs to make things look pretty
>steal config files for like an hour or two
>even after all this, it just feels like a waste of fucking time
How do people do this for fun? Like it just straight feels like I wasted so much time I could've spent actually doing something. Desktop looks alright I suppose but I still need some more programs any old DE could provide. Serious question to the ricers, how do you not feel worthless after this?

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