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Piracy is convenient and would be even more convenient if it were completely legalized in the US.
>being too scared to pirate
>doesn't have enough room
Are you poor?
Thanks for proving you are a brainlet on top of being poor.
Just having the option to pay for a game digitally has ruined gaming, it allows for what is plaguing the industry today such as rampant DLC and mtx, games being intentionally released unfinished or unplayable without a patch because they can easily patch it through whatever platform which further encourages them to be released that way, being charged for a download, having to go through some console wannabe platform to legally play games, easy access which means more casuals play games which means games are made for them which means lower quality games, etc. Digital distribution should not be paid for, don't care about physical copies? Fine, then you should be exclusively pirating. Even if you exclusively pirate you should want all games to be sold physical only because that has already proven itself to be the best environment for great games to be made and you'll still be able to pirate anyways.

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