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I think he's just a kid. Nothing wrong with that, everyone was a kid at some point.
>mfw i still remember how back then i've bought 6200gt instead of 6600gt because 6200 had 128mb of vram
>i also bought fx5200 before
>and i wasn't even exactly a kid, i just haven't did enough research - i had computers since pentium mmx times and my first 'gpu' was s3 virge
holy fuck i was dumb

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>mfw i just think it's pretty intuitive to work around it but i didn't wanted to trigger anyone with somehow obnoxious non-imo "hey it's easy, come on, don't tell me you think it's hard" and yet someone disliked me anyway
life is suffering

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i know this feel bro
>tried to go drinking with my friends tonight
>small local brewery runs bar, their awesome beer is sold there
>we order some of their fine dark lagers
>"good choice sir, our secret recipe..."
>excuse me?
>"as i said, our recipe..."
>no no, go back to what you said. i can't have access to your recipe? how can i know how does it work inside? how can i be sure that's not a virus? and i can't even improve your concept with my ideas? sweet jesus guys you sell some serious corporate closed-source shit there, i'm out
>spent rest of the day alone with my awesome FOS potatoes-and-sugar wine
god, fuck this gay world

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>not having four best soundblasters in quadSLI
what is *YOUR* excuse
god, those poorfags

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>9xxx vishera
why won't you just buy 8320 and wipe your ass with $50 that's left? that would be better use of your money

>expensive 990 mobo
>PSU "standard" "700w"
okay, now i'm mad
fuck your bait and fuck your thread

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