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>mfw born in 90's
>world is reverting to pre 90's state slowly
>you just want the grunge innocence that was the 90's back, when you could say whatever the fuck you want

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>tfw when that reply

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>blinky bill
that hit me hard

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nice trips and nice feels

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No, it's not about what's listed. Just what isn't.
They're in the privacy of their own home. Yet they insist on being soooo mundane.

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The drivers for the 480 are nutting all over your mouth.

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>his ram isn't over 5000 mhz

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>tfw it would cost something around $8000 to make a decent ryzen build in my country because faggy taxes

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>everyone has a faster cpu than me >>59160087

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>tfw 2c/4t

why can't I just be rich and buy the best computer parts?

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What have you done to me /tpg/... Now I want to own several ThinkPad from different series. I want to buy different keyboards layers just for the fuck of it. I endlessly play with the trackpoint and call it little names. I even started to sleep with my x220. Am I turning autistic?

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does anyone here in 4chan know how to effectively hack an FB account without using bullshit like facebook sniper?

being a hacker is hard AF :(

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Hi, i was tired of gaming laptops, they were not reliable and overpriced. So i took the decision of building my own pc for the first time. I'd like to know /g/'s opinion on this:

Seasonic G-550 Alimentation
HyperX FURY - 8Go Kit (2x 4Go) 2133MHz DDR4
MSI B150M Mortar Micro ATX Socket LGA1151
Seagate ST1000DM003 Barracuda 3,5" SATA III 7200/min 1 To
Intel Core i5-4590 3.7 GHz 6Mo Cache Socket 1150
TP-Link TL-WDN4800 450 Mbps
MSI GTX970 1114 MHz 4096 Mo PCI-Express
Samsung EVO SSD 250 Go SATA
Fractal Design Case.

Is this good for 900€ ? What should i change ?

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>This is probably the only honest answer ITT besides the NEET crew.

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>pacman Sy
>pacman -S iw wpa-supplicant dialog
command not found

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>tfw we will never clone humans because of muh ethics

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> tfw work in Enterprise software

Please kill me. It's the most dysfunctional shitshow I've ever seen.

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Reposting because I haven't gotten responses in other threads: I tried OCing my RAM a couple days ago from 1333 to 1600. I restored the default settings in BIOS and now the RAM passes diagnostic tests, but the HDD doesn't. It's still mostly functional, but it has disk read errors. I'll probably replace the HDD soon, but does anyone know if it's likely for OCing RAM to cause problems like this? Also, do disk read errors in HDD diagnostic programs guarantee hardware failure, or can they be the result of a corrupt OS? And how would I know if other parts were damaged (like the mobo)?

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>you will never be a computer engineer in your garage being called a nerd working to make computers cool

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Anyone else having problems with 4chan?

Takes at least a minute to upload a comment or picture. I'm using 4chan X on Chrome (yes the botnet) and thought it might have just been that, but tried it out on private browsing with disabled addons and the problem still persists. Is it just my shitty campus connection? Is this moot's last fuck you?

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Don't remind me.

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