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>12 cores at 65w
At idle maybe

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Look it up. It's common knowledge that a 9700k can draw around 200W when overclocked, whereas the 3700X draws around 90W in the worst case.

The 9700k is already using 40% more power stock. To think overclocking and increasing voltage doesn't use more power is retarded. You can just extrapolate through common sense.

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There's a difference between all-core load voltage and transient peaks during light loads, you retarded fucks. How about an actual real-world metric of power consumption, where the 9900K draws almost twice as much power at stock as a 3700X, despite using lower voltages? Why do you as an end user allow Intel to waste your electricity like this?

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The fact is intels mainstream flagship is a overheating pozzed housefire

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This covers that well. Basically the 65w tdp Ryzen has a ceiling of 90w to boost up to before locking itself there where as the 105w tdp Ryzen is allowed to go as high as 142w to maintain boost clock on all cores. Ryzen 3xxx uses different way of boosting than 1xxx and 2xxx did, hence why 3xxx has higher than normal tdp numbers. Also unlike Intel, AMD chips are pretty much at their clock ceiling from the factory based on how little OC headroom they have. So 90w/140w for a balls deep chip isn't horrible.

Look at that 9900k tho. 95w rated tdp with 168w real usage. And closer to 300w when clocked to 5.0GHz on all cores.

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My 3600 temps are fine.

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No one but me can save myself, but it's too late

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Excellent efficiency as always

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Nope. Intel is still the housefire.

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my dick, but now

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