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Is it really that big of a loss?
Early 90s hentai is gross to look at and half of exhentai was western and furry cg sets.
Im willing to pretend hentai didn't exist before 2008.

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The ANSI layout is unusable garbage.

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And there's nothing you can do about it faggot

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all nostaxer memes are stupid because nostaxers are stupid

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and yet, you still post here

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Google practically owns the internet.

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But take it from me as I went through a phase of hoarding old tech thinking I could use them for something. Unless you really know what you want to do or if /g/ comes up with a autistic idea, most of what you got will probably collect dust In a corner.

I got a couple of Mac products that i either installed Linux/set up some sort of server-client mash, but all of them except for a MacBook pro actually get any use.

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>tfw DAP

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>How many of you listen to music so much
Me, i'm addicted to music.
However i agree with you about not giving a flying fuck about 3.5mm jack on phones but that's only because i use a rockboxed DAP.

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should i buy a new CPU or GPU if i want to play games on linux

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>updating windows

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How to chinks learn to code if the code is English?

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He believes sighted A/B are more valuable that blind tests too. All the money in the world can't buy you common sense.

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>this much buyers remorse

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Enjoy paying 18x more per gigabyte of storage, fags.

Oh what's that?
Your computer boots up 20s faster?
It's not like you do anything useful with your computer all day.
Do you retards literally sit there while your computer boots?

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whatever man i'm on windows 8 so it's not like this one has any less spying shit in it

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