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anyone here have a pair of ATH-ES770H?

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I tried OpenBSD once. On my X220 the battery life and performance was rather bad. No luks support (don't expect the same broad range of supported filesystems like Linux) , uses something own for encryption, which fucks with my old installation backups. It has a rather complicated updating system. It's not as easy as your good old "emerge -auD @world"/"pacman -Syu"/"apt-get update && apt-get upgrade". It has seperate updating procedures for software in the base install and optionally installed software. No GNU, but you will learn some new ways to accomplish what you want.

All in all? Probably nice if you want to build a server, or have a lot of time to learn it if you want to use it as a daily driver. Otherwise stick with Gentoo/Arch/Devuan/whatever…

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>Download a GUI tool to make windows usbs
Guess what tool was that


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I just got refused by a girl to go out on a date.
Any girl(male) in sydney? I need a qt /dpt/ g(m)f in my life.

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>no answer
t-thanks, /g/

Thinking of joining the Budgie-Qt team. It'll be a nice experience. I'll hopefully write a nice wayland compatible window manager for them written in C++17/2a.

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Any rustfags ITT? I think llogiq posts here some times. Anyway, I want to read, manipulate and write a big file efficiently. I have set an input buffer, and output buffer and an intermediate string buffer on which I will manipulate data. So far I have gotten to this but I can't find a proper method to write do the buffwriter.

use std::io::{self, BufReader, BufWriter};
use std::io::prelude::*;

fn main() {
let mut sb = BufReader::new(io::stdin()); // source buffer
let mut ob = BufWriter::new(io::stdout()); // output buffer
let mut ib = String::new(); // intermediate buffer
let _ = sb.read_to_string(&mut ib);
// manipulation takes place here. For example, replace all the '\t' with ' '
// write to the buffer

1. What method should I use to write to ob?

2. I want to set all of these buffer size to the OS page size? (By OS I mean the OS I am using so it's known at compile time)

3. ib should allocate enough memory to contain buffer size.

Even after this batch of File I/O, I would like to do the same thing again later on. I do not want to create a new ib as it'll allocate more memory. Is it possible to re-use the String buffer. (Note that read_to_string() already consumes a mutable reference to the String.


It's not you, is it?

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you can't just put hentai faces into anime

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sorry for being an insufferable novice but

I have no experience with web development and I'm trying to make a website from scratch. Without any coding experience, I was using Dreamweaver for a bit but it's frustrating to use and clunky. I realize my best bet is to just learn to cote, but realistically how quickly could I pick it up and get to work on the actual website I want to create? What's the best course of action? I just want to know what are my options are here so any advice would be appreciated.

I want to make a website that looks something like Drudge Report just so I can post links.


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thanks capitalism

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>tfw no response from PTP in 12 days

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