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Joke's on you, it would take longer to crack aes than there are atoms in the universe. I read it on reddit.

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>schizo schizo schizo
Be careful mah boi, it's the mating call of the "I fucking love science" plebbitor.

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>Why aren't mainstream scientists sounding the alarm?
I'll tell you something about science. Today you have to separate between science and science. You have the enlightenment age science, which was characterized by a lot of specific properties like: high entry-bar academies, main focus on reproducible experiment, no peer review, focus on independent, non-political and objective thinking. This was the system that brought us... every scientific discovery of note with practical application. But this whole infrastructure changed vastly in the early 1900s, especially after the world wars as factions who don't believe in meritocracy but in some sort of quasi-religious equality of man won out. These people instated reforms based on the thinking that education and science should be for everyone, and that everyone has the potential to be capable in these matters if they're provided the chance.

And so you get science, that is modern science. It's characterized by a very different set of properties like: low entry-bar academies, main focus on statistics and untestable hypotheses, extremely rigid peer review systems and a focus on political and subjective group-thinking. Now you might think changing who becomes an academic from the high IQ educated leisure class of western civilization into whatever ~100IQ pleb that's able to sign some loan papers would have a certain effect on the culture in these places, and if you do you're completely correct. And you might assume that reducing the trend of reproducible experiment in favor of peer review star chambers would bring a whole dimension of human fallibility like corruption and hubris and plain old stupidity into the whole process, and again if you do you would be completely correct.

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Cancer is up, autoimmune diseases are up, heart conditions are up, respiratory diseases are up, all sorts of shit are skyrocketing on exponential curves. Go to any school class in the west, half the kids have thick glasses and heavy allergies. The tism is like 1 in 40 now, up from 1 in 2000 only a few decades ago. Not to mention teh gay, which has gone from like 3% when I was a kid to like 30% now.

But plebbit knows everything is fine because I fucking love science and stats show some boomers eek out a few extra years popping a bag of pills to adjust their myriads of mysterious diseases that were completely unheard of 50 years ago.

These people are going to drag everyone down with them, make no mistake about it.

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Go back to r/ifuckinglovescience/ or whatever it's called.

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I guess the most important lesson Musk has taught us is that if you want to peddle stocks to plebbitors and be a richfag, go for the "I fucking love science" angle. Don't hold back, just push through your embarrassment and promise them Mars.

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