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I have a course coming up in x86 assembly and the course is set up to use MS VS. I've never done assembly programming before and I'm wondering if I could instead work in linux. I have a dual boot set up, but would rather work in maximum comfort than booting into windows for long periods of time.

What does /g/ know about coding assembly? I'm sure it can be done in linux, but knowing that the course is set up to use VS, will what I write in a linux environment be transferable? Are there fundamental oddities unique to the assembler that MS VS uses (or at least different from linux assemblers) that will give me headaches?

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What programming language(s) should I learn /g/? I've been messing around with Java for 5 years and have a pretty good understanding of it.

Just as some background, I'm in university and studying to become an engineer.

pic related: should I bother with assembly x86?

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you can't call yourself a programmer if you don't write directly in CPU specific microcode

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