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But who took the picture

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B-but how about all the dust

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We can find water now guys

Fuck yes

Do you think I can use the AI to find all my JAV porn so I can sort it?

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>new PC keeps making THAT SOUND
>have no clue what the fuck THAT SOUND even is

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If I only I could

I'm not really technically savvy, not sure how do to that and what to use to set that kind of thing up.

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>mfw this is literally my job

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Should I get i7 7700k or 1700x for my new pc? They are pretty much the same price where I am with the only difference being core count and single core performance.

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> again

wait does someone have pics of chubby anzu?

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that one on the right is (((THICC))

> figure is not hidden at all

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>3x 27" monitors and 2x Titans
>quality Linux temperature throttling
>southern hemisphere
>it's like 35 degrees celsius in my room
>it's not even fucking summer
kill me now

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>tfw I want to use my own email domain
>can't decide between one with my name in the domain or one that's anonymous

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>Mailman has been at apartment complex's mailroom for 2 hours already
>He still hasn't left

I just want to check if any chinkshit arrived

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>some people are not poor
>some people don't need a daily circlejerk to not be ashamed of their shitmachines

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So I'm pretty much a retard. I was buying parts for my new build, and shortly after buying my PSU I realized that I had probably made a big mistake. My build using an R9 380, but I plan on buying an R9 480 once it's released.

What's the expected power draw from a 480 under load? Should I be concerned about my PSU being unable to provide enough juice?


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that's real edgy

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I maybe have a gig developing a website for an upcoming band.

What do you put in your contract, the terms of the agreement etc /g/ents? I'm a bit at a loss here

Also what do you charge, per hour or in total?

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Reposting from the other thread.

I'm really eager to get this phone now. It's just perfect. Now I don't know a lot about mobile phone frequencies. Does this phone work in Europe? The Netherlands in particular?

I'm just on good old T-Mobile, running 3G.


> 2GB Ram
> Decent clock speed
> Dual sim
> Very sweet design
> SD card support
> 60 Bucks

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What's the best way to pirate the newest version of Photoshop these days without getting the botnet?

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