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Where's the Intel one?

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Ever since I got gigabit speed at home I don't torrent much anymore. Used to have a seedbox and copy it to my Nas now I only stream

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I tried implementing the array method in python with numpy, instead of using a dictionary. It's actually ~twice as slow as using a dictionary for me. 12sec vs 26sec. Any ideas why? It's not the initialization of the array, that takes ~10ms

#! /bin/python
import numpy as np

with open('input') as f:
n = 30000000
nums = np.zeros(n,int)
turn = 1
for num in f.read().strip().split(','):
nums[int(num)] = turn
turn += 1

last = 0
while (turn := turn + 1) <= n:

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I'm trying to wrap my head around how you wind up with a 20-fold increase. Does the XML version of the results have extra info for each entry?

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Why a surfboard?

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I have not heard of this iBoomer?
Maybe there is a government sponsored training on iBoomers at the local work search office?

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I uninstalled mpv.net and installed mpv now, I have absolutely no idea what's going on now. Where's my scripts folder? Wheres my settings? Why does the scroll wheel now skip forward in my animes, as well as every button on the direction pad?

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I need some elucidation.
Music player>tube preamp>power amp
This is the correct way to set up a system, right?

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what case is that? looks cool

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>NOT volatile storage

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whats something simple i can write in C to get my .exe deleted?

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also lol at all the hags dissing the girl and not noticing

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Why are "white" asians still more ugly then real whites?

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Why is there two fingers in her shit funnel?

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but only electric vehicles will be allowed in the near future, anon

that doesn't sound worthwhile at all.

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>it's not about the images
>but it's about the images

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Why don't we have more open source videogames? Literally nobody does it, not even in the indie scene, regardless of its obvious advantages:
free code peer review
superior modding support
transparency with the community
inb4 vidya is software, therefore tech, therefore /g/ material

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>can we just put plastic screens on phones instead?
>sure, they'll scratch, but throw a glass screen protector on it and problem solved, a shatterproof and scratch proof (provided you change the screen protector every time it cracks, and they're like several cents from chinks) phone.
how is that different from glass screen+plastic protector

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excuse me sorry to interrupt but who is the young lady in the OPs picture? thank you in advance

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what's a truly cross-platform, light-weight, still supported, no third-party bullshit alternative to redis?

isn't there anything else?

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Why are there different colors for pcb?

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What's the cleanest way to convert a double to a 16.16 fixed point integer in C?

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Should I wait for the RX590 or should I just get the RX580?

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