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>trannies literally trying to deny a "feature" which Pozilla proudly advertises

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>hex core Phenom II wipes the floor with octa core Bulldozer and hex core Piledriver

Really activates your almonds.

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>nvidia on the other hand, can do this "async" even in DX11 so nvidia has been doing it longer than amd does
Christ, could you possibly be more tech-illiterate? There's literally no such thing as asynchronous compute in DX11. It's not possible due to the limitations of the API. Nvidia's performance lead there has fuck all to do with asynchronous compute. Stop spouting terms you have no understanding of.

As for the idea that Nvidia are in any way ahead of the curve hardware-wise, their last-gen cards can't even do asynchronous compute in DX12 ffs.

>The reason Maxwell doesn't take a hit is because NVIDIA has explictly disabled async compute in Maxwell drivers. So no matter how much we pile things to the queues, they cannot be set to run asynchronously because the driver says "no, I can't do that". Basically NV driver tells Time Spy to go "async off" for the run on that card. NV driver runs asynchronous tasks in one queue on Maxwell, similar to if they were submitted in one queue ("async off" in Time Spy). If NVIDIA enables Async Compute in the drivers on Maxwell, Time Spy will start using it. Performance gain or loss depends on the hardware & drivers.

Even Pascal is propped up by a software solution. Meanwhile AMD cards from 2011 can do it natively at a hardware level.

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>install Enterprise N 2015 LTSB
>never have any of these issues
>laugh at people who do

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Buckle up, Homestuck.

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