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Take the concept of "Workstation" for example. It doesn't make sense to pretend it need 999 cores of CPU (GPUs are multicore by definition). Most work machines do either single core stuff or max 4 to 8 core stuff. In practice 4 to 6 strong cores is what most workers need for 99% of the time.

Hell, even when you do need 999 cores to render something, e.g. on Photoshop, it's like 1% of the the time. 99% of the time you actually do development that doesn't use more than 2-3 cores.

AMD also sucks at GPUs.

But fuck it, take no one's side. They are all duopolies. AMD+Intel and CPUs, AMD+NVIDIA on GPUs.

The only reason they are not fucked by anti-trust laws is that they are all US based.

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