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>the telecoms industry has months left max
Imagine actually believing this jej
Leave your schizo echo chamber for once in a while, 5G has already rolled out in many places and is being enjoyed by customers while schizos like you seethe impotently on your crank health forums

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Oh good. It was all just a coincidence. I should go to sleep, get some rest instead of worrying about things. Thanks, bye.

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You either show your tits or gtfo. No one cares about what you think about male opinions shove it up your hairy pussy. Also your post tldr

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Not much intel inside if you buy their shit

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This thread

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>MFW it's only for F E W uwp games
Fuckin shills.

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Made me crack up mid lecture, fuck you

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>botnet os
>by the literal botnet company
>literally calling themselves "alphabet", one of the most generic megacorp names

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>see comments
>one commenter wanted a blue shark and got a pink one
>the inverse happened to another commenter

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>thinking i haven't tried that

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>looks like a bunch of cotton swabs

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>tfw I got "burned out shit" which has 50% better performance and 4x the RAM and is rock solid
>meanwhile you paid more for less and you're th only one concerned with muh stability
>I even roasted you for this earlier >>59203582
top kek this guy

Anyway my loving wife (the thing you'll likely never have) just walked in so I'm going to go spend time with her instead of paying you the attention you so desperately crave, hope your chapped ass can recover from the fact that your computer sucks

enjoy your video games :^)

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jesus this pic

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