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>using windows phone

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>caring about cameras on phone

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Hi, /g/, I recently discovered a way to get a free .edu e-mail without actually being in a college.

This gives you shit like free office 365 and 1 tb in cloud storage, along with a shit ton of discounts from some random shitty sites like Amazon, etc.

Personally, I got it so I can get free samples from companies that produce electronic shit (TI, STMIcroelectronics). They say I need a .edu email for that.

Now, this took me quite a search to find a site where I can reliably generate free .edu addresses, but I have finally done it, and I'm making this thread to give-away the site and instructions. For the instructions, please mail me here.

[email protected]

(Not the .edu, because I fear some faggot will alert the dumb college that gave me this that I'm not actually a student)

Tell me you're from /b/ and that you want me to tell you how to get a .edu email.

>pic related
>it's my face when I actually opened the new email

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