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>yalp store broken as of 12 hours ago
>no updates in fdroid
>no commits to yalp since 2018

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>start random new job
>meet random new coworker
>they happen to live right next to me and have for years
>literally everyone and everything I've ever interacted with coincidentally happens to coincide with my little bubble of existence

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Why are there so many Windows users on /g/? That's what I learned most of all from this incident. I assumed most would favor a Linux distro or even MacOS. Coincidentally, the fix for Linux was just toggling a setting in about:config.

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How do I diagnose my ext4 systems for bit rot if I don't have hashes of the files to compare to? The thought of backing up bitrotted files is scaring me.
But in general, ext4 has always been reliable, never had an issue even though I used to power off my system by unplugging power cord for years.

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How do you upgrade kernel, etc, without rebooting?

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>ibm has acquired redhat

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>Objective :Learn to use the C# programming language, and store your work within Git repositories, using Visual Studio by revisiting selected tutorial exercises from your first year programming modules.
>You pay 9k british pounds a year
Christ. But surely you don't need VS if you can do the work in another IDE/editor? Why don't they teach git itself instead of having VS handle it?

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>arch wiki still hasn't been updated to document new cryptsetup luks2 features, such as argon2
Everything on there is outdated and insecure advice. What happened to the autists who kept up with this stuff? Is Arch dead?

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>he thinks I know C

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>main computer

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>technology board
>uses google search

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How do I safely log into websites without having passwords stolen from memory? I use uMatrix, but the majority of sites break with javascript disabled.

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