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>saw a zotac 1070 on amazon for 329 last night
>very interested, wanted to go cheap and get a 580 when prices are low enough but this might be worth the gap jump
>still hesitant to spend over 250 so sleep on it
>even dream of buying the fucking thing

>wake up, check
>it's back to 377
How bad did I fuck up? If it was a misprice, would they have still honored my order had I purchased it when it was low?

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>kode connoisseur

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>GGN switching exclusively to gold for making requests
>Gold generates incredibly slowly
>400 gold costs 100GB of upload
>20GB of upload costs 7000 gold
>Requests cost a lot to make and give those who fill them fuckall in comparison
>In short, requests on GGN are kill

How the fuck is GGN staff this retarded holy shit

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>computer wakes from sleep mode and immediately freezes up

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If you make any kind of graphical program from a frontend to a window manager to whatever, if you do not provide screenshots for it on your site/page you owe me an apology.

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>The fact he had to marry an Asian
what's that supposed to mean

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>mfw Applel made something that literally looks like a doorstop

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My rMBP is literally the best purchase I've ever made. My power house god tier desktop is not used to only bot Pokemon Go accounts. If you don't like your macbook you are probably a retard.

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Why my self driving car can't stop?

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I know this board isn't /tech support/ but I getting desperate.

For the past couple months my internet has been randomly dropping out.

It either says "adsl not found" or "connection unsecured".
There can be anything between a few seconds to a few hours between it dropping out. Unplugging the the ethernet cable then plugging it back in usually solves it but sometimes it requires a restart of my computer/router. It only happens to me so it can't be the router or the ISP. Also it happens equally as often whether using ethernet or a wireless dongle.

I've found that dropping out can be triggered by receiving a phone call, starting a youtube video or playing pretty much any online game.

Those are pretty much all the details I'm aware of right now. Again, I'm sorry to shit up the board a little but I've tried google and I've tried asking every computer literate person I know and they're all stumped.

pic unrelated

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>lemme just listen to track 4 through 8 of an 11 track album

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You stealing filth get the fuck outta here

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It didn't even appear. It doesn't want to appear. How can I make it appear?

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vittu jätkä herätys

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One of the worst Cuckstarter products I've ever seen

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Hey Linux Fags

Does GTK support thumbnails in the filechooser yet

I mean how many years has it been now

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Someone help my dumbass

I got an Audio Technica AT4033, which goes into my Art Tube Mpv3, which goes to my Line 6 UX2.

For whatever reason, shit don't work

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>>2000 + 15


2000 was already 15 years ago

For some reason I had not realized before reading this post

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>tfw trying to learn Java through APCS
>one problem set requires using matrices to do simple shit
>tfw too stupid to figure half of this shit out
I don't want to give up, but fuck, matrices are simple. How do I not know how to do this shit?
One of the problems involves having the code run through a user-created matrix where they can state the size and what variables go in each space (which I coded successfully).
The hard part is when I need to run it through and see if it's a magic square (where each series of numbers, whether it be in one row, one column, or diagonal) and then return the status. Thing is, I don't know how to achieve this. I only have to assume it's loop-threading but fuck, my brain is 2cluttered

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